Asian Pacific Digestive Week

KOBE, Japan
Innovative Approaches to Gastroenterology
November 2-5, 2016
Venuue: Kobe Convention Center
Presidents: Kentaro Sugano , Michio Kaminishi

Guideline for Moderators and Speakers

Guideline for Moderators and Speakers(PDF) At APDW 2016, the presenters do not require disclosures of COI.

For Moderators and Chairs

  • Please come to your session room at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the session.
  • Please keep the time schedule and give warnings to the speakers, if necessary.

Abstracts for Chairs of Lectures and Symposia(PDF)
Abstracts for Chairs of Free Paper and Digital Poster(PDF)
After you login with your password, please use a search funtion and input your "Session ID" or "Chair ID".
For Windows User, please press [Ctrl + F ], and for Mac User, press [⌘ command + F ] in searching abstracts.
In case you have a problem to access the page, please download the PDF first and open it on Adobe Reader.

For Oral Presenters and Free Paper Speakers

1) Speaker's Ready Room

Please come to Speaker's Ready Room at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the session.
Please submit your presentation data at the Speaker Ready Room where you are to give presentation.

Place:Room 1-3Kobe International Convention Hall: 3rd floor, Reception Hall
Room 4-7Kobe Chamber and Commerce Industry: 3rd floor, Foyer
Room 8ARISTON HOTEL KOBE: 2nd floor, Lobby
Room 9ARISTON HOTEL KOBE: 16th floor, Lobby

Time:November 2 (Wed.)8:30 – 16:00
November 3 (Thu.)7:30 – 17:00
November 4 (Fri.)7:00 – 17:00
November 5 (Sat.)7:00 – 16:00

2) Slide Preparation

  • Please prepare your presentation slides on a Windows readable USB flash drive or CD-ROM. In case you use video files, you should bring your own laptop and make sure that the data is applicable to Windows Media Player.
    Data in USB flash memory drive or CD-ROM should be saved using the following procedures in advance.
    *Your presentation should be in PowerPoint only.
    Your presentation file should be created with MS PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions for Windows, or MS PowerPoint 2008, 2011 for Macintosh.
    *In order to avoid character corruption, you can use only the following fonts.
    English fonts: Century, Century Gothic
    *Regarding the use of movie data, make sure that data is capable of running on either of the following software.
    Windows: Windows Media Player 11
    Macintosh: Quick Time Player 10
    *Cautions regarding video files:
    If the size of video files exceeds 500 MB, please bring your own computer for the presentation.
    Windows:Please make sure that your video files can be played with a codec included in a standard installation of Windows Media Player 11. (WMV format is recommended.)
    Mac:Please make sure that your video files can be played with a codec included in the standard installation of QuickTime Player 10. (MOV format is recommended.)
  • Include any external files utilized (e.g. movie files) in the same folder as your presentation slides. Copy the entire folder to the USB flash Drive or CD-ROM.
  • Video clips (other than certain animated gif files) should not be embedded in PowerPoint presentations except for PowerPoint 2010 or later; you have to bring separate video files (WMV type is recommended) and submit them along with your presentation slides.
  • Please be named your file as : "Program no. (or session name)_presenter name.ppt (pptx)"
  • In order to avoid virus infection, please scan your data with updated anti-virus software beforehand.

3) Macintosh Computer Users

If you would prefer to use presentation slides created in Macintosh, you should bring your own Macintosh laptop- all presentation PCs ready in the session room will be Windows PCs.
Technical issues may arise when PowerPoint files created on a Macintosh are run on a Windows PC.

4) Laptops

  • Speakers using their own laptops MUST HAVE a VGA D-sub 15pin female output to connect to external monitors and data projectors. A VGA adapter is required for some laptops to use the D-sub 15pin. So please bring it if it is necessary. The laptop output resolution should be no more than XGA (1024 x 768).
    The higher resolutions than the native resolution (1024 x 768) would possibly lose some information or not project properly by forcing the data projector into a compression mode.
  • Please be named your file as : "Program no. (or session name)_presenter name.ppt (pptx)" and save it on the desktop or create a shortcut on the desktop.
  • You should have your data backed up in an external storage in case of technical trouble.
  • Please turn off both the screen-saver and energy saving mode beforehand.

5) After Slides Registration:

Please be seated at the speaker's standby seats in the front row before the session starts.

**For Digital Poster Speakers**

Digital poster speakers do not need to register your presentation slide at the congress venue since you have already register in advance.
Please come to Digital Poster presenters' desk at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your session.

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Congress Secretariat of APDW 2016