Asian Pacific Digestive Week

KOBE, Japan
Innovative Approaches to Gastroenterology
November 2-5, 2016
Venuue: Kobe Convention Center
Presidents: Kentaro Sugano , Michio Kaminishi

ă€ŒDigital Poster

For Presenters of Digital Poster

Presentation times and discussions

Presentation 4 min, discussion 2 min/total 6 min
* Your presentation slide data will be pre-registered, so there is no need to come to the Operation Center on the day.
* Presentations can be practiced during non-presentation times in each booth within the poster venue.


* Presentations utilizing video may be made.
* It is possible to maintain print quality by utilizing a full high-vision monitor for individual slides (slide mode) while maintaining visibility with a list of slides (poster mode) imitating a traditional poster.

Poster mode
You can display 15 slides (3-row, 5-column format), not including the title slide.
Slide mode
You can display slides one-by-one for your presentation.
Screen image during the Q&A session
During the Qamp;A session, you can select two slides from among your presentation slides for display side-by-side.

* On the bottom left of the screen, the remaining time is displayed. Please strictly observe your presentation time.

Instructions for Registration

Data Registration has been started from October 5.
Support desk sent an email to the presenters of Digital Poster at October 4 with the way of slide-registration.
Please check the email and log-in from the button below.
Data Registration for Digital Poster Presenters

Due Date of Slide Registration:  1 PM, October 20 (Thu), 2016, JST
Deadline has been extended to Noon, October 26, 2016 (JST).

You are able to register and modify your data as many times as you want until the due date.

Instructions for Preparation

< How to set up your PowerPoint >
  1. Please prepare your slide as 4:3 size. (Select "Standard (4:3)" or "On-screen Show (4:3)" from the design tab.)


    You can verify the slide size with following procedure:
    a) Open PowerPoint file.
    b) Check "Standard (4:3)" is set in the menu [Design > Slides Size].
    PowerPoint2010 & 2007; Check the [Slide Size for:] in the [Design > Page Setup].
    PowerPoint2003; Check the [Slide Size for:] in the [File>Page Setup].
  2. Make sure to delete any objects located outside the frame (including empty text boxes) otherwise the page may not display correctly.
  3. Please uncheck the "Date and Time" and the "Footer". It may not be altered correctly if it is checked.
  4. Please do not apply animation effects to the slide.
  5. Please use the OS-standard font in your slide. (e.g. Century, Century Gothic, etc.) Using any special fonts may cause a corruption of texts.
  6. Characters might not be converted correctly if several fonts are used in one textbox. Please use the same font in the textbox.
  7. Use of the tab or space key to adjust the layout of the text may prevent the text from converting properly. We recommend you to use text boxes or the table function without style formatting or gridlines.
  8. A slide containing several "Group Objects" may be converted differently. Please ungroup objects before registration.
  9. SmartArt Graphic may cause conversion trouble. If you want to use SmartArt Graphic feature, please save it as a picture and paste it.
  10. Please do not lock your file with password.
  11. Please do not delete file name extension (.pptx or .ppt) when saving your file.
  12. Please unmark "Mark as Final" if you have set "Mark as Final" at "ProtectPresentation"(PowerPoint2013/2010) or "Prepare"(PowerPoint2007)
  13. You may register 15 slides per one abstract.
  14. PowerPoint for Mac is not recommended. If you make your file on Mac, please verify and save it on Windows PC before registration.

< How to register the Video data >
  1. Please be sure to save file names in half-width alphanumeric before inserting to the slide.
  2. Please follow the instruction on how to insert your video files.
  3. Set the option to play the video only when it is clicked.
  4. Please do not insert several videos into one slide.
  5. If a slide containing video does not display within the screen,make sure all text boxes or other objects fit completely within the slide. (If there are no such objects in the slide, please check the master slide.)

< File size >

Power Point file and Video data file should be less than 200MB

< Registration >

Please make sure you are using the latest version of internet browser (Depending on the combination of Internet Explorer and OS versions, it may be required to change security settings in order to upload data files. If such is the case, please use other browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome.)

  1. Upload your presentation data on "Data Registration" page from the top menu.
  2. Select each option from "About Video" and "PowerPoint Version".
  3. Select the file you created at "Presentation DATA".
  4. When a video file registration form appears, register the video file embedded within a PowerPoint file. (This only happens when you use PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2007.)
  5. Click "Submit Presentation Data" button to start uploading the file.
  6. Once uploading completes, an Alteration email will be sent to your registered email address.
  7. The submitted PowerPoint file will be converted into flash file on the server. Once completed, submitted email will be sent to you. (It may take several minutes or hours in some cases; more than 12 hours if close to the due date.)
  8. When you receive submitted e-mail, please verify your PowerPoint slide at Confirmation of Registration page.
  9. Please click the Confirm button at the lower left of the page after your confirmation.

< Modification and re-submission >

You may modify and update your PowerPoint data as many times as you want before the deadline. Make sure to re-submit your modified data at "Data Registration" page. When data is submitted, notification email will send to you. Please be sure to verify data and click the Confirm button. The last data you submitted will be used for the Presentation.

< Video format >
  1. The filename must be in half-width alphanumeric.
  2. Any video formats which can be viewed with PowerPoint are acceptable.

< COI: Conflict of Interest >

At APDW 2016, the presenters are not required to disclose conflicts of interest at the presentation.

< Inquiry >

APDW 2016 Digital Poster Support Desk

For General Inquiry of APDW 2016